Recent Posts

  1. What if someday...

    Don't pretend you know what will come next

  2. Ask about the freelancer

    You don't know the full story until the end of it.

  3. It should not throw an exception

    Trying to find better names for test methods

  4. Extra readable tests

    Some tricks to make your tests readable

  5. Unique instance anti-pattern

    A finalist for the worst anti-pattern tournament.

  6. Stop using the database for everything

    I think we should start using database less.

  7. Write code for the dumbest person you know

    I'm dumb and I can't understand your clever code.

  8. Removing ifs

    What if we remove some if statements ?

  9. Travis and different PHP versions in the same repo

    How to set up Travis for different applications stored in the same repo but using different PHP versions.

  10. OOP Layers

    Please, stop breaking layers in OOP.

  11. Test for behaviour not for implementation

    Avoid coupling between tests and implementation by testing for behaviour

  12. Refactoring VoteValidator with tests

    Some lessons learned about testing

  13. Why are 404 pages still a thing ?

    Caches, 404 and missed business oportunities

  14. Project macro structure

    Thoughts about the file organization of a project at the macro level

  15. BDD and domain code

    How to use Behat as a design tool.

  16. TShirt a day

    Code, learning and t-shirts

  17. Smurfing a Twitter bot

    How I made a bot that retweet a French newspaper Twitter feed as a Smurf

  18. Add more element forms the nice way with AngularJs

    Build a form with the classic add more element button in a cool way with AngularJs.

  19. In modal nested states with AngularJs ui-router

    Create nested states in a modal using ui-router for your AngularJs application

  20. Using PrismJs with AngularJs

    If you need to display code snippets in an AngularJs application you might want to read this !